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Fort St John Photography


With over a decade of Photography Experience, we’ve photographed a wide variety of events, all in search of that special moment. The perfect day begins with you; your originality, taste, and style inspire everything we do. Our goal is to capture memories that will last forever.


Looking for just the right Wedding Photographer for your big day? We can help. With our unique experience and skills, we can make your special day one you’ll remember for all the right reasons. We offer a wide variety of services to all our clients. Take a look below and let’s talk about what you need, and what memories we’ll be capturing together.

Your Special Day

Memories to last a lifetime

Our photography is all about stories. The stories that cover people, places, and the specifics of the day. We photograph your wedding in a creative way, constructing a story from the honest, emotional, and romantic events of the day. We’ll snap the small bits as well as the epic moments, all in the same fun and relaxed way.

Wedding Fav_096.jpg

Your Wedding Story

Images of a Love Story

It is so special to be invited into a family's life on such an important day to capture the beauty of love. With this service, I make sure the wedding is captured in photographs with all the depth, emotion, spontaneity, and beauty that this kind of occasion deserves. For more details about this service and so much more, get in touch today.

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Two Photographers

Experience Matters

With over 10 years of experience, we come prepared. Weddings happen so fast, that you have to be ready for anything. We have photographed in all weather conditions, from pouring rain to -35C. Beautiful memories can be captured year round, and with two photographers, there are twice as many opportunities to capture those moments that happen so fast.


Destination Weddings

We'll come with you

We LOVE destination weddings! Resorts often charge a lot for a wedding photographer, and you really don't know what you are getting. How will you receive your images? How much experience do they have? Are you just getting the same shots that all the other brides receive? We will join you on you vacation and capture more than just your special day, we will capture the whole experience! For more details about this service and so much more, get in touch today.

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"Our gratitude is hard to put into words. Every shot is unforgettable and every shot is unique. Having your two person team really makes a difference; not a moment was missed.
Like most important days, they rush by; it is hard for me to recall the events however; You have clearly captured every emotion. We can’t thank you enough and truly appreciate your professionalism and talent."

Mr. & Mrs. Hemmaway

"The pictures are TO DIE FOR!!!! I can't even pick a favorite. We love them...everyone does! People I don't know are commenting on them.
You guys are full of talent.
We really can't thank you enough for spending the WHOLE day with us.
Thank you again SO MUCH! I think you may have been my best wedding decision!"

Melanie Struble

"Stephen and Amy did the photos for our wedding in August and all I can say is wow! Every picture they took was beautiful and really captured our day. They not only caught the special moments, but some of the funniest moments of the day:) the book they put together for us is fantastic! I would recommend them to everyone. I feel very lucky that they were the photographers for our wedding! Thanks again See & Believe Photography!"

Hailey Harkness

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11408 110th St, Fort St John, BC, Canada



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